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We implement solutions for our customers that only industry leaders can provide through decades of experience in the field of deep-drawing technology and the continuous pursuit of innovative concepts and high-precision deep-drawn parts. Research and development are just as essential for establishing new products as consistent investment in technology and equipment. STÜKEN manufactures deep-drawn parts with particularly high degrees of forming, unusual contours, extremely tight tolerances, and challenging geometrical requirements, made with materials that are difficult to form. 

Definition of Deep Drawing (DIN8584)

Deep drawing refers to the forming of a sheet blank into a hollow body open on one side and a hollow body into a hollow body with a smaller circumference without intentionally changing the sheet thickness.

State-of-the-art production facilities

We produce your deep-drawn parts on more than 400 presses with up to 30 tool stations. Tailored to your needs, we expand our machine capabilities according to project requirements. 

  • Transfer presses from 60 to 1250 kN
  • Automatic stamping presses from 180 to 800 kN 
  • Hydraulic presses from 300 to 3200 kN

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